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Established in 2018 by seasoned journalists and producers Mihingarangi Forbes and Annabelle Lee-Mather, Aotearoa Media Collective (AMC) is a boutique Māori production house at the forefront of indigenous storytelling, Māori journalism training, and consultancy. Rooted in a steadfast commitment to authentic and compelling content, AMC has earned recognition for its award-winning documentaries, factual programming, and current affairs series authentically capturing Māori narratives.

Beyond content creation, AMC has been instrumental in indigenous journalism training, developing e-learning modules, crafting a Māori journalism manual, and conducting independent reviews for mainstream newsrooms.

AMC works with the industry’s most talented professionals to deliver premium content on time and on budget.

The array of accolades, including prestigious NZTV, WIFT and Voyager Awards, serves as a testament to AMC’s unwavering commitment to excellence in content creation and its contribution to Māori storytelling. As an independent production house, AMC remains a dynamic force in shaping the indigenous media landscape and amplifying Māori voices both nationally and internationally. 

Uncomfortable and important: Stories of Ruapekapeka is mandatory viewing. Don Rowe (The Spinoff)
Thank you Mihi Forbes and all the wonderful work done at Aotearoa Media Collective. Beautiful contribution to rewriting history that includes everyone’s contribution. Chelsea Winstanley (Academy-award nominated film producer)
Listened to the Matangireia interview with Metiria today and had a cry — powerful interview and so necessary. Jack McDonald

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